The Elkins Family

A while back, I reconnected with a friend from high school on Facebook, and what was unique about our connection was how similar our lives became in the ten+ years since attending Methacton. As someone who came out after high school, it’s always super exciting to see who else also came out since then. When I learned that Sarah was also gay, and married, like me!, I thought – wow, how awesome! I didn’t feel so alone in the world! And then, Sarah announced that she and her wife Alexis were expecting a child. Again – Wow! Sarah and Lexi became trailblazers in my eyes. My wife Sarah and I want to start a family, but feel very overwhelmed with the process. Sarah and Lexi have given us some inspiration indeed.

We followed their journey as they shared it with us online, from standing before a judge to change last names and to win adoption rights, and then their baby Jacob coming into the world…just an amazing and beautiful story. Here are two women doing exactly what we hope to do. When Sarah contacted me about taking pictures of her family, I was beyond excited! It was such an honor to take pictures for her family. And I hope these few pictures give you a glimpse of the beautiful family they have. Lots of love to you Sarah, Lexi and Jacob!

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2 thoughts on “The Elkins Family

  1. Kim,
    First I want to say how grateful I am for finding each other on Facebook. You have always been a beautiful women inside and out. To have shared special times in our lives and chatting over Facebook about wedding planning and everything else changed me. Like you said. Knowing we are not alone and the life we want is possible regardless of what the law will some times allow is amazing. Thanks to both you and Sarah for being who you are and spreading your joy and love. We loved every moment of this photo shoot and you made it that way. We love you shutterbug. Xoxo

  2. Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The love is mutual!!! Can’t wait to get your prints to you – and of course to meet up for dinner too. You and Lexi are seriously awesome, and so kind, and we enjoyed our photo session with you so much. Jacob is adorable – I can’t get enough of his cute expressions – he is so joyful. Too cute! Can’t wait for our next photoshoot! xoxo, your new personal paparazzi haha 🙂

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