Rebecca and Jon in NYC

This past weekend, I went along with husband and wife couple Rebecca and Jon to document a ‘farewell for now.’ Jon was accepted to medical school in Grenada (congrats!), and I went along to New York City (where his plane was leaving from) with Rebecca to see him off, and to capture with my lens, a few of their last moments together in the US for the next several months. A mix of sadness and hope for the future was in the air, but more than that, was love. It was a special honor to document such a tender time, and I hope these pictures can share a little bit of that love.

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3 thoughts on “Rebecca and Jon in NYC

  1. Thanks Kim for documenting this beautiful day of ours. The pictures totally capture the love, hope and sadness of separating for a bit to allow for a leap of faith. So grateful you were there!

  2. Kim,
    I don’t know how you see the essence of the moment to allow others to see it and experience it as well — what a gift!! Thanks for sharing and giving me a sense of being able to support Rebecca and Jon as they move into this adventure.

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