Fitness truly can be for everyone — and believe it or not, it can be fun! Carolyn Grashof — Founder of Fitbody Personal Training — and, ahem, my esteemed oldest sister — takes fitness to a new level. Forget your generic DVD work outs, and the uninspiring classes at the gym — Carolyn will get  you in shape with both her personal training, and group Boot Camp workouts. I realize this is a shamless promotional plug for my amazingly talented sister — Annie too (pictured above!), as well as my sister’s Rebecca and Brenda who are yoga instructors (Rebecca can be seen here flying around the studio — Brenda is not pictured here — YET — she lives in South Africa… shooting yoga photos with her in April!) — more shameless plugs for them later. Focusing on FitBody for now… Both Carolyn and Annie teach Boot Camp workouts that will leave you feeling like your body is changing, and that you had the time of your life working out with them! I just had to share some of the pictures I took for them. They do great work, and you should work out with them! Do it. Just do it. Learn more (and stay tuned for a photo series from FitBody’s Boot Camp!) — at

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