Overall, I aim to photograph life “as is” with a fresh, vibrant and positive light. I love being in the moment with my camera, experimenting with a combination of light, composition and imagination to tell stories.  For as long as I can remember, I have had a camera in my hand and have found awesome joy in capturing even the most ordinary moments as they present themselves. I love old artifacts in odd places, I love taking snapshots of life “in this moment.” My style combines photojournalism, creativity, curiosity and openness. I enjoy exploring new angles, and unique settings, while also letting the natural moment and composition come to me. I shoot outdoors, using natural light and organic and urban settings in all seasons. I love a good adventure, and am open to exploring new spaces and locations any time, any where.
My Style: Documentary Storytelling; Creative Posed Imagery
Session types include (but not limited to):
  • Family & Child Portraits
  • Weddings
  • Engagement Photos
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Bridal Showers
  • Baby Showers
  • Personal Portraits (non-studio)
  • Non-Profit & Corporate Special Events
  • Pets
Session Pricing
Because every photoshoot is different, one price does not fit all, depending on timing, travel, or other specifics. Contact me for up to date rates and availability: kim.kunda@gmail.com or 215-779-4677.
About Me
I am a graduate of the University of South Florida (2001), where I earned my B.A. in Mass Communications (Magazine Journalism). I spent many days and long nights writing and writing and writing. Under all that pressure to write on deadline, I enjoyed the release of experimenting with photography. Photography was a creative outlet for me then, and it has grown into something that I can’t live without doing.
It gives me a place to flourish creatively and it gives me a medium through which I can share the beauty and complexity I see daily in the world all around me. The camera is a great translator – combining what our eyes and souls see simultaneously into a tangible, visual art form. I really believe that there are no ordinary moments. Each one is beautiful – even when it’s unusually gritty or stressful. There is still beauty that an arise from it. It will present itself to you if you are open to it. That’s what I aim to do as an artist, a photographer and a human being. To stay open to the beauty. And to take pictures than can hopefully do it all justice. That’s the hard part. That’s what I strive to do each time I pick up my camera.
As a photographer for hire, I offer professional photography services in the Greater Philadelphia region, including family, sweetheart, engagement, wedding, committment ceremonies, non-profit and corporate events, travel, nature photography and more! (Got something you want photographed? Just ask! Email me at kim.kunda@gmail.com).
My work has been published in GRID Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, WHYY’s  http://www.newsworks.org,  and the Philadelphia Gay News. I enjoy working with families as much as I enjoy working for corporate clients. I have done work for clients ranging from the international LinkedIn Company and GAP Inc.’s Athleta brand, as well as local Philadelphia organizations like MiND TV, and The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education.

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