Rebecca and Jon in NYC

This past weekend, I went along with husband and wife couple Rebecca and Jon to document a ‘farewell for now.’ Jon was accepted to medical school in Grenada (congrats!), and I went along to New York City (where his plane was leaving from) with Rebecca to see him off, and to capture with my lens, a few of their last moments together in the US for the next several months. A mix of sadness and hope for the future was in the air, but more than that, was love. It was a special honor to document such a tender time, and I hope these pictures can share a little bit of that love.

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Families with young children have a certain glow about them. Besides their amazing ability to turn fatigue into humor, they radiate a special kind of happiness that I find to be very contagious. Katie and Rory Jones welcomed their first child Conrad into the world in August 2011, and this holiday season, I was super lucky to take Conrad’s first set of pictures. He is such a cutie, and what a trooper! We worked with him through various costume changes and poses for almost three hours (we gave him bottle time and nap breaks too of course!). Great job Katie with your creative inspiration, and many thanks to my wife Sarah for being the great comedian who made Conrad laugh so much.

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A little more than a year ago, my friend Janelle asked me if I could take her daughter Avery’s Christmas pictures. I thought – sure! That sounds like fun! Before then, I was mostly taking pictures for my own enjoyment and whimsy, during travels, and of my own family. I can’t thank Janelle and her husband Sean enough for that first opportunity that helped launch me into starting my own business. Here are a few pictures from this year’s photosession with Avery – once she warmed up to the camera, we were smooth sailing – she’s so cute!

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‘C’ is for Christmas – and Cousins!

An unseasonably warm November day provided a sunny setting for pictures in Pennypack park with all of the ‘Donohue Grandkids’ – cousins Joseph, Ryan, Jake, James, Miranda and Michael. The kids had a blast gathering and tossing up leaves, making piles of “monkey brains” and hearing a Christmas story read by Aunt Bridget. Thanks so much to the organizing moms who brought this photosession together – thanks Bridget, Kathleen and Moira! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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The ‘K’ Family

I had such a great time shooting holiday photographs for the K family – Karl, Kristin, Kadence and Kourtney – such a joy to photograph for them in their home all decked out for Christmas! Here are just a few pictures from our photo session together:

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Walk around the block: Old City

We are travelers, my wife and I.

Every chance we get, we like to see new places and expand our horizons. Sometimes, that means walking around your own city and exploring the details in new ways. This past year, we didn’t have the resources to travel much at all, so we decided to start a new inititiave – to be tourists in our own hometown. Fortunately for us, we live in Philadelphia and there is so much to discover, uncover and reflect upon. Like man-hole covers, and street signs and historical buildings. Each experience is a form of traveling, and as one of my favorite books says it helps us to “cross over.” Anyway, here are a few photos from a recent walk-around the block.

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The Elkins Family

A while back, I reconnected with a friend from high school on Facebook, and what was unique about our connection was how similar our lives became in the ten+ years since attending Methacton. As someone who came out after high school, it’s always super exciting to see who else also came out since then. When I learned that Sarah was also gay, and married, like me!, I thought – wow, how awesome! I didn’t feel so alone in the world! And then, Sarah announced that she and her wife Alexis were expecting a child. Again – Wow! Sarah and Lexi became trailblazers in my eyes. My wife Sarah and I want to start a family, but feel very overwhelmed with the process. Sarah and Lexi have given us some inspiration indeed.

We followed their journey as they shared it with us online, from standing before a judge to change last names and to win adoption rights, and then their baby Jacob coming into the world…just an amazing and beautiful story. Here are two women doing exactly what we hope to do. When Sarah contacted me about taking pictures of her family, I was beyond excited! It was such an honor to take pictures for her family. And I hope these few pictures give you a glimpse of the beautiful family they have. Lots of love to you Sarah, Lexi and Jacob!

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The Ruppert Family

This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking pictures for the Ruppert family of Kathleen, Brian and their sons Jake and James. We wandered around two sections of Pennypack Park, with autumn leaves crunching under foot, and Jake’s imagination narrating our day together.

For sure we thought we would see some animals in the woods! We did see a few dogs and birds.  And Jake and Brian had a great time skipping stones in the creek. Looking forward to our beach session together this summer Ruppert family!!

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Joyce & Andy: Engaged in Philly

When Joyce contacted me telling me that Andy ‘popped the question’ (yay Andy!) and she wanted to set up an engagement session with me this Fall – I was elated!  We had such a wonderful balmy November day for our session in Philadelphia. We wandered around the Waterworks and Art Museum area, capturing little glimpses of their love for each other through photographs. Here are a few pictures from our recent session – and congrats you two!! Wishing you the best the world has to offer!

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Fancy New Blog Time!

Thank you for visiting my new blog, i.e. new website! This blog, which I quite fancy, has replaced I find the blogo-sphere a very friendly place to present my photography, and I look forward to showcasing new galleries – YOUR galleries – in this new space very soon!  New clients can contact me easily at and 215-779-4677 to view samples of my work during the interim. Thanks so much for your support!